Who We Are

This project is born from personal experience. As a one-time teacher, I realized that I loved my students and the work of teaching, but everything else weighed on me – managing my principal, helping my colleagues, making the finances work, and giving attention to a young family that needed more and more of my attention.

Ultimately, I decided to leave the classroom, but I’ve always thought about what a difference it might have made had I had some guidance in better managing my supervisors, my workload – well, everything.

This website is my attempt to connect teachers across the spectrum of identity, experience, grade levels, subject areas, and geographies to support one another regarding everything that’s not classroom management, curriculum, and assessment.

We often talk about using a whole-child approach in education. Think of this website as a tool for the whole-teacher approach. Teachers are so much more than lesson planners and test-graders. We have lives, too. We have dreams and interests outside of the classroom. We want to buy houses, have time for exercise, retire with savings. The work that we do can make us feel joyful and energized. It can also make us feel frustrated and tired.

This website is a place for teachers to share all of that – to share our own stories and to learn from others’. All content for the website will be crowdsourced and curated by the founder of the website, Monica Candal Rahim.