Call for Submissions & Contributors!

This is a website for teachers by teachers, sprinkled with research and wisdom from industry experts, and we’re looking for contributors! Whether you’re a teacher who is interested in flexing your writing chops or you have some pearls of wisdom to share with your fellow teachers, this could be a great opportunity. We’re interested in hearing about everything beyond curriculum development and assessment. We’re talking about the whole teacher.

Examples of potential contributors include:

  • Practicing teachers: Are you a new, mid-career, or veteran teacher? No matter where you are in your career, you likely have some pearls of wisdom that you could pass along to other teachers. Share!
  • Industry leaders: Are you a financial advisor, leadership coach, or therapist? Do you think teachers could benefit from what you have to say? Let us know!
  • Anyone else who’s interested: We realize these groups might not capture the entire world of folks who have something meaningful to contribute to this space. We want you, too!

Sample topics include:

  • Work Environment: Managing your supervisors and/or colleagues, negotiating and difficult conversations, working with students’ families, navigating identities
  • Finding Your Calling(s): Continuing to grow, teacher leadership, what’s next in your career
  • Work-Life Management: Balancing work and home, financial advising, self-care
  • Creative Writing/Memoir

We’re looking for individuals who are interested in one-time submissions or regular contributions, and we have no word limits. At this time, we are unable to offer compensation for submissions.

Pitch your idea! Half-baked ideas are welcome. We respond to pitches within 48 hours.


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